How do I fix restored deleted tasks in LeaderTask?

“Most likely, this is happening to you due to the connected Active Directory (AD) on Windows. You can solve this problem by moving the LeaderTask program folder to the root of drive C.

By default, the program folder is located in the ‘Documents’ or ‘My Documents’ folder (C:\Users\’Username’\Documents\LeaderTask).

So, you need to move the ‘LeaderTask’ folder to the root of drive C. To do this:

1) If the LeaderTask program is running, you need to close it:
In the LeaderTask program interface, click on ‘Menu’ and select ‘Exit LeaderTask’.

Exit LeaderTask

2) Now go to the ‘Documents’ folder and find the ‘LeaderTask’ folder in it.

LeaderTask in Documents

3) Right-click on the ‘LeaderTask’ folder and select ‘Cut’.

4) Open the ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’ section.

LeaderTask – This PC

5) Open ‘Drive C’.

6) In the empty space of ‘Drive C’, right-click and select ‘Paste’.

7) Once the ‘LeaderTask’ folder is transferred to ‘Drive C’, open it and find the ‘LeaderTask.exe’ file (if file extensions are hidden, you might not see the ‘.exe’ extension; in this case, look for the name ‘LeaderTask’ and the orange icon/emblem associated with this file).

8) Right-click on the ‘LeaderTask.exe’ file and select ‘Create shortcut’.

9) Place this shortcut on your ‘Desktop’ (you can delete the old shortcut if you want).”