What features are unavailable in LeaderTask after the trial period or expiration of the license?

To estimate possibilities of LeaderTask, follow these steps:

  1. Download LeaderTask on any device
  2. Start LeaderTask
  3. Press the Create the Account button
  4. Enter all fields
  5. Press Login button

After creation of the account the trial period is activated. During the trial period 100% of features of LeaderTask will be available to you. You will be able to use LeaderTask on any number of devices and also to add any number of employees.

After the trial period comes to the end, programs will pass into a free operating mode.

Unavailable features in the free mode:

  • Task creation
  • Data storage in a cloud (tasks, notes, files, contacts …)
  • The identical to-do list on all devices of the user (Windows,  Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • Assignment of tasks to friends and colleagues (at them LeaderTask on smartphones/tablets/computers has to be installed too)
  • Discussion of the assignments (each task has a built-in chat where the customer and the performer can correspond)
  • An opportunity to open access to personal projects (if friends and colleagues use LeaderTask too and you will open access for them to the specific project, they will be able to see the list of tasks in the project, to discuss them in a chat and to add new tasks)
  • Possibility of creation more than 25 projects
  • Creation of a backup copy of data (it is available only in a Windows app)
  • Export of projects
  • Printing of the list of tasks, contents of a task, hourly schedule of day, list of contacts and card of contact
  • Creation and editing contacts
  • Creation and editing filters
  • Filtration of tasks
  • Search on tasks
  • Attachment of files to tasks, notes, contacts
  • Opportunity to create repeating tasks
  • Automatic sorting of tasks
  • Transformation of emails to tasks

It is impossible to prolong the trial period.