Tariff Comparison

Only on
one device
$ 0 
Up to 100 tasks
Achieve your goals by breaking them down into smaller tasks
Up to 10 projects
Organize your tasks into personal, work, or other categories
Up to 3 boards
Visualize your goals on a Kanban board
For personal
use only
$ 3.33
per month
billed yearly
All the features of the "Free" plan, plus:
∞ Unlimited
Tasks, projects, boards, labels, colors
Create tasks on your smartphone and finish them on your laptop
Attach documents, images, voice messages to tasks
Reminders for upcoming tasks, meetings, events
Recurring tasks
Set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
Cloud storage
2 GB
For team
collaboration (2 or more users)
$ 4.66
per month
billed yearly
All the features of the "Premium" plan, plus:
Delegate tasks to your team members and track their progress
Shared projects
Collaborate with your team on shared goals
Shared boards
Visualize your team's workflow
Full list of features Full list
Key features
Subprojects and subtasks
Boards (Windows and MacOS)
Task display on the calendar
Tasks from email
Notifications and reminders
Task properties
Attachment of files
Chat in tasks
Task recurrence
Setting up access rights in boards
Shared projects
Departmental distribution
Offline mode
Cloud storage
Web version features
Queue (Web)
Regulations (Web)
Online status (Web)
Board presence display (Web)
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any remaining questions, feel free to ask them in the Help Center or contact our technical support.
What payment methods are available?

You can pay for the plans using various methods: credit or debit card, invoice (available for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs), foreign bank cards, and more. If you've subscribed to Premium through the App Store or Google Play, the payment will be processed by the app store platform.

How to pay for the monthly plan?

To pay for a monthly plan, please contact our technical support at 911@leadertask.com.

When contacting us, please specify the number of users you intend to purchase a license for. Also, let us know whether you'd prefer to pay as an individual or as a legal entity.

What will happen if I switch from Premium to Business?

You can switch from the Premium to Business plan at any time without losing your data. We will automatically calculate the payment amount until your current license term expires, based on the number of seats you are purchasing. This way, your current Premium license term will transition into your team's Business plan. Future payments will be calculated based on the number of seats in your Business plan.

How does adding and removing users work on the Business plan?

You can add or remove employees in the "Employees" section of the corresponding platform. You can add as many employees as there are seats in your license. The license owner occupies 1 seat. To purchase an additional seat, go here.

To renew a license with a smaller number of seats, first remove an employee from the organization and go to the marketplace. Choose the desired number of seats.

Please note that you cannot renew a license for fewer users than the current count. Recalculation of the current number of seats does not occur when reducing the number of seats in favor of extending the license term.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, certainly. There is no minimum duration for a LeaderTask subscription - you can cancel it at any time without any penalties. When canceling the Premium or Business plan, your subscription will be retained until the end of the current billing period, after which you will be switched to the Free plan. You can cancel the subscription in your personal account. If your subscription was purchased through an app store (App Store or Google Play), you can only cancel it there.

Any other questions?

Ask them in the help center or our technical support.

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