Security of the LeaderTask Service

Security of the LeaderTask Service

Data Storage in a Secure Cloud4Y Cloud

All user data (tasks, projects, assignments, files, etc.) are stored in a secure Cloud4Y cloud.

Cloud4Y is a cloud platform from the company Flex LLC, which allows hosting web applications in Flex LLC data centers and virtually infinitely scaling these applications.

These data processing centers adhere to industry security and reliability standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Their management, monitoring, and administration are carried out by Flex LLC employees with years of experience in ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operation of major web services.

In addition to security recommendations for data processing centers, networks, and personnel, the Cloud4Y platform uses various protection mechanisms at the application and platform levels to ensure the security of data storage and processing.

99.9% Server Availability

The guaranteed availability of Cloud4Y servers is 99.9%. This means that the servers will be in active (working) condition for more than 99.9% of the time.

Encryption of Transmitted Data

The data transmitted between the user’s device and the Cloud4Y cloud is encrypted using a highly reliable 256-bit key. Data transmission is carried out using the secure HTTPS protocol over the TLS cryptographic protocol.

Qualified Flex LLC Personnel

Flex LLC developers and administrators have the necessary authority to perform their duties for managing and developing this service. The company has created a complex of control elements supporting preventive, analytical, and counteracting protection mechanisms against unauthorized actions by developers and administrators:

  • Strict control of access to confidential data;
  • Combination of control elements that enhance independent detection of malicious activity;
  • Several levels of monitoring, logging, and reporting.

Flex LLC regularly checks the qualifications of its personnel, and based on the results of the check, restricts personnel access to applications, systems, and network infrastructure.

The process of accessing a customer’s account or related information is formalized and initiated only upon the customer’s request.

Data Physical Security

Cloud4Y data centers are designed for round-the-clock operation and provide protection against possible power outages, physical intrusions, and network failures. These data processing centers (DPCs) adhere to industrial standards for physical security and reliability. They are managed, controlled, and administered by Flex LLC staff.

External Access

The Cloud4Y method of protecting physical infrastructure and data processing centers corresponds to industry standards. Access is granted to only a small number of employees who regularly change their administrative access accounts. Access to data processing centers is controlled by Flex LLC staff in accordance with approved security requirements.


Each data processing center has at least two sources of electricity, including an autonomous power source. Additionally, the data center is equipped with modern fire suppression systems. The data center building is protected from the impact of external irresistible forces, such as natural disasters, accidents, fires, mass disturbances, unlawful actions of third parties, and so on.

Security of the LeaderTask Service

ISO 27001 Certification

The mechanism of certification by a trusted third party ensures the security of client data and does not require providing access to data to independent auditors, which could threaten the platform’s integrity. The Cloud4Y cloud platform is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 certification is one of the best international standards for information security management.

Security of the LeaderTask Service

Regular Backup

Daily backups of user data are automatically created. Backup copies have the same level of security as the primary data. If one of the servers becomes unavailable, user data will be restored from the backup and then placed on a functioning server.

Security of the LeaderTask Service

Dual Data Protection

The LeaderTask service architecture ensures that data is stored simultaneously in two places: the Cloud4Y cloud and the user’s device (computer/smartphone/tablet). This achieves double reliability in data storage. If, due to force majeure circumstances, the Cloud4Y cloud becomes unavailable, the user can continue working with the data, as an up-to-date copy of the data is always present on the device. In case of loss or damage to the device, the user can restore the data from the cloud.

Security of the LeaderTask Service

Password for Program Access

To enhance data protection, the user can set a password for program access. This will enable encryption of user data: tasks, notes, projects, and assignments.

Security of the LeaderTask Service

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