How to work with repeating tasks?

Create the repeating task:

  1. Create a new task
  2. Open properties of a task and press the «Date» button
  3. Press the «Don’t repeat» button
  4. In the appeared menu choose «Settings»
  5. Choose an interval of repetition of a task and press the OK button
  6. For a task starting date — today (in the calendar you can choose other day of start) will automatically be determined

How to work with repeating tasks:

  • Create the repeating task
  • Wait for a day when the task has to appear automatically in the to-do list
  • Complete the task (put the status «completed»)
  • Wait for the next day of appearing of a task

If you delay the repeating task, then the following copy of a task won’t appear in the to-do list until you finish an overdue task. If the repeating task is attached to certain time in the daily log (the panel on the right), then it is displayed in the necessary days undependent of an overdue.