How to sort tasks?

In LeaderTask, there are two types of task sorting:

  1. One-time (Manual) Sorting
  2. Continuous (Automatic) Sorting

One-time sorting is a manual action that you perform whenever you want to rearrange tasks in a specific order. It can be done based on one of three parameters:

  1. Creation Date
  2. Color
  3. Date and time associated with the task

One-time sorting works only for your personal tasks, including those assigned by you. One-time sorting cannot be initiated while continuous sorting is enabled.

Continuous sorting is an ongoing rule that automatically arranges tasks in a specific order. New tasks are automatically placed in the appropriate section of the list. Continuous sorting can be done based on one of 19 parameters:

  1. Owner (who created the task)
  2. Status
  3. Name
  4. Date and time associated with the task
  5. Date and time associated with the task (in the format DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM)
  6. Time interval from the present moment to the date and time associated with the task
  7. Presence of attached file, formatted note (.rtf file), link to a local file or folder
  8. Presence of a note
  9. Presence of a comment in the built-in chat
  10. Label
  11. Attached contact
  12. Project
  13. Customer
  14. Assignee
  15. Creation Date
  16. Last Modification Date
  17. Color
  18. Size (occupied space in bytes)
  19. Planned task execution time / Actual task execution time

To enable continuous sorting:

  • Click on the search button in the task list.
  • The filtering panel will appear.
  • Display the desired column (right-click on the header of any column, select ‘Columns,’ then choose the desired column).
  • Click on the header of the column.
  • Sorting will be enabled, and a vertical arrow will appear next to the list title (e.g., ‘Today’).
  • To reverse the sorting, click on the column header again.

Important Note: Before enabling continuous sorting, the order of tasks is automatically memorized. After disabling continuous sorting, tasks will return to their initial order.

To disable continuous sorting, double-click on the column header. The vertical arrow next to the list name will disappear.