New tools to improve your productivity

Import boards Import boards from Trello and Notion
Import all your data into LeaderTask from Trello and Notion services
Widget for browsers Widgets for Mozilla, Chrome, Yandex browsers
LeaderTask plugin is already in your browser. Create reminders, take screenshots and
Google Calendar Tasks in Google Calendar
Create tasks in Google Calendar with LeaderTask
Inspector Inspector
Inspector is a built-in chatbot for errands that allows you to create
Productivity Productivity
In order to create a work plan and assign tasks to employees,
Queue Queue
Big to-do lists are the real enemy of productivity.
Reglaments Regulations
Regulations will help retain team experience and automate staff training. Create guidelines
Timeline Timeline
A timeline is a workflow visualization tool that helps you consistently break
Telegram Integration with Telegram
Connect the bot from LeaderTask to receive all important notifications in Telegram
LeaderTask Assistant LeaderTask Assistant
The assistant window is capable of analyzing the tasks you enter, suggesting
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