Tasks in Google Calendar

If you are used to keeping all your notes, important events and tasks in Google Calendar or you need an additional reminder to your email – use the task transfer from LeaderTask! In our web version of LeaderTask you can now add tasks and reminders directly to Google Calendar.

How to add a task to Google Calendar

To add a task to your Google calendar using LeaderTask:

1) Navigate to the desired LeaderTask list

2) Add a new task or use a ready-made one, and click on the three dots on the right edge of the task

Add a new task

3) Select “Add to Google Calendar” from the drop-down list box

Add to Google Calendar

4) The panel for creating a reminder in Google Calendar with the task data from LeaderTask will open in a new tab. Make the necessary changes and save the task.

Creating a Google calendar task

5) Done! Task added to Google Calendar

Google Calendar
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