LeaderTask Assistant

Introducing our new plugin for the web version of LeaderTask – a unique chat window integrated into the task scheduler, which is a neural network that can assist in various aspects of your work with the program. The neural network built into LeaderTask is a AI Gigachat. The assistant window is capable of analyzing the tasks you enter, suggesting optimized ways to complete them, and helping you plan and prioritize your to-dos.

To launch the assistant, go to the web version and click on the “LeaderTask Assistant” button.

The chatbot will help you create a task for any date and time in seconds.

The neural network has the ability to answer common questions related not only to working in the program, but also to external queries, such as information about historical events, technical documentation, facts, and more.

Assistant can create checklists for your projects. Based on the entered data and goals, it allows you to automatically create checklists for projects, thus increasing organizational efficiency.

For example, if you ask a chatbot to create a checklist for car maintenance, we will receive a text broken down into items, which will later become a task.

It remains to write the bot-generated checklist to the task.

Benefits of a helper:

  • Increased productivity: Automating routine tasks and providing quick answers reduces the time it takes to complete them.
  • Quality Improvement: With suggestions for organizing tasks, the quality of the tasks is improved.
  • Saving resources: You spend less time and effort on everyday tasks.

Price: 11 $.

Note: The plug-in works only in the Web-version of LeaderTask. Web plug-in is purchased separately from the license once and for all.

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