Окно инспектора

Inspector is a built-in chatbot for errands that allows you to create a task at any time without having to navigate to a specific project or kanban board. Create a task and the bot will do the rest. The Inspector will ask the executor clarifying questions and check that the task is completed on time.

How to use
  1. Click the “Assign” button in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Answer the chatbot’s questions so that it can assign a task. You can specify the task name, description, executor, deadline, as well as specify additional parameters: labels, color and in which project to place the task.
  3. After creation, the executor will receive a notification about the new task. In the task chat the Inspector will ask to confirm whether the employee agrees with the described conditions.
  4. If the task is overdue, the Inspector himself will write to the performer to E-mail or Telegram to remind about the task and find out why it happened.
Price: 22 $.

Once purchased, the Inspector will be available to all license users, current and future.

Note: The plug-in works only in the Web-version of LeaderTask. Web-plugin is purchased separately from the license once and for all.

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