11 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone and iPad

Michael Kalashnikov
Michael Smith
27 November 2023
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If you have an iPhone, consider installing an iOS reminder app on it. This piece of software can act as an alarm, reminding you about upcoming tasks, meetings, appointments and to-dos. Thanks to it, you’ll never miss an important event or goal and will become more productive. Compared to the native built-in reminder in your iOS smartphone, such solutions can offer extended functionality and tend to be more user-friendly. In this overview, we’ll list the top reminder apps for iPhone for all tastes and budgets.

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How to Select the Best Reminder App for iPhone

When choosing an iPhone reminder app, you should focus on these four features:

  • Device compatibility. Some apps are compatible not only with iPhones but also with other Apple gadgets, such as your Mac or iPad. Others are available on Android and/or Windows too. There can be different paid plans for different devices.
  • Usability. An ideal app is easy to use and has an eye-candy interface. However, people’s demands can differ greatly. Some users value an uncluttered layout as their top priority. Others appreciate customization opportunities the most.
  • Features. A simple app can let you only add, edit and delete reminders. Its more advanced counterparts can allow you to sync the reminders with your calendar, change themes and sounds, input the information with your voice, manage tasks and projects and so on.
  • Price. Some apps are available for free. Others have free plans with limited functionality — and if you need more features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans with a monthly or annual subscription.

Below, we’ll list the top solutions with good user reviews and large customer bases. We’ll start with the products that are rich in functions — and move to those that were designed exclusively for reminders.



💌 User rating: 4.7

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $2.18

👍 Competitive edge: Powerful and versatile

👎 Weak point: Overwhelming functionality

LeaderTask is much more than a reminder app. It’s a versatile solution for managing your time, tasks and projects, compatible with various devices and operating systems. It comes in equally handy for private and business purposes. Reminders are just a tiny part of its functionality — and we put LeaderTask at the top of our rating thanks to its unique approach to them.

The team behind the app understands well that some users want their reminders to be as straightforward as possible. This feature in LeaderTask resembles an alarm clock and exists in the format of push notifications. It can be one-off or recurring. It’s incredibly easy to use it. To set a reminder, you should pre-define a specific moment in time for it.

Besides, there are notifications. It’s not an alarm signal — but an informative message that will pop up on your iPhone’s display as a push notification. You’ll see it as soon as a change occurs in your plans — for instance when you get a new task from your manager or access rights for a document. Notifications can let you review your tasks for the day in the morning — and analyze your brief performance statistics in the evening.



💌 User rating: 4.6

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $3

👍 Competitive edge: Extensive functionality

👎 Weak point: Steep learning curve

Just like LeaderTask, it’s a powerful and versatile solution, compatible with various platforms and operating systems. You may start by composing a to-do list, organizing its contents in chronological order and setting respective reminders for the list’s items. Any.do supports location-based reminders — for example, when you’ll be walking past a veterinary pharmacy, your iPhone will tell you that it’s time to buy a shampoo for your pet. The key drawback of this product is that you might need time to get used to it.



💌 User rating: 4.6

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $4

👍 Competitive edge: Gamification of reminders and tasks

👎 Weak point: Reminders are not its main focus

The team behind this app believes that people spend too much time planning things — and too little time doing things. They delivered their product to fix this issue. You can conveniently create tasks and set reminders for them. If you wish, use natural language for this purpose. You’ll be able to prioritize items and share your lists with others. Todoist will gamify your content so that the process of achieving your goals turns into an enjoyable adventure. The app will learn your habits and adjust to you. It will measure your productivity and you’ll get a good opportunity to analyze your performance.

On the flip side, it’s not the best option for those who want their reminders to be simple and efficient. There are too many distractions. Besides, the free version of Todoist is not too impressive — be ready to upgrade to premium to discover the full scope of features.

Things 3

Things 3

💌 User rating: 4.5

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $9.99

👍 Competitive edge: Interesting approach to categorizing tasks into areas

👎 Weak point: No collaboration features

This task management solution is powerful — and at the same time easy to use. It lets you categorize your to-dos in areas (that is, spheres or niches) and create projects for each area. Then, you can add tasks to projects, come up with headings for them, tag them, attach notes to them, compose checklists and set deadlines. The app can display the information from your calendar in its interface as well as sync data across all your Apple devices.

The three task management solutions that we mentioned earlier offer collaboration features — while Things 3 lacks them. Even though it’s not the main focus of our article, we’d like to warn you about this shortcoming.



💌 User rating: 4.5

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $1.99

👍 Competitive edge: Perfect for setting reminders that form habits

👎 Weak point: Exclusive for iOS

This digital planner allows you to schedule your to-dos, take notes and form habits. The reminders are habits-oriented — they will help you get used to good practices and eventually, improve your lifestyle. Feel free to create a dedicated notebook for each subject and customize it to reflect your individual tastes. The app can integrate with your calendar so that you’ll be able to review all your plans on a single page.

Microsoft To-Do

💌 User rating: 4.4

🏳️ The most affordable plan: Free

👍 Competitive edge: Smooth integration with all the other Google products

👎 Weak point: Limited customization opportunities

There is a curious story behind this product. Previously, there was a rather popular Wunderlist app for managing your daily to-dos. Microsoft acquired it and shut it down. In exchange, the brand invites users to try its own To-Do app. Compared to Wunderlist, it might lack some exciting tidbits — and most of all, customization opportunities. Nevertheless, its functionality is more than enough to remind you about your tasks. It’s available entirely for free and there are no paid plans.

Microsoft To-Do is compatible with many different platforms and devices. It smoothly integrates with all the solutions by the same brand. It will be easy for you to reach your Outlook tasks from this app — or create them right in the app. Feel free to compose and edit lists of tasks, set due dates for them, split large tasks into smaller ones, attach notes to items, prioritize items with colors and share your content with others. When a deadline approaches, the app will remind you about it. One of the coolest benefits of Microsoft To-Do is its Smart Suggestion feature. It memorizes your habits and, over time, reduces your efforts when typing in new content.

Google Keep

Google Keep

💌 User rating: 4.4

🏳️ The most affordable plan: Free

👍 Competitive edge: Smooth integration with all the other Google products

👎 Weak point: No opportunity to go beyond the basic functionality

It’s the obvious choice for Google fans. In the app, you can make notes, compose to-do lists and set reminders. Reminders can be regular or location-based — you’ll see the latter only when you approach a specific place. You’ll be able to share your content with others to inform them about your plans. This product will automatically sync all the information that you type into it with your Google Account.

This app lacks paid plans and you can enjoy all its functionality at no cost. On the one hand, it’s great. On the other hand, it can be a disadvantage for people who are ready to make in-app purchases to customize their user experience.

Fantastical 2

💌 User rating: 4.4

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $6.99

👍 Competitive edge: You can link the reminders to your calendar

👎 Weak point: The functionality of the reminders is based on the native iPhone features

Fantastical 2 is not a reminder app but a calendar one. However, it integrates with the native reminder app iPhone. It’s not necessary to visit the native app to set a reminder — because you can do it right in Fantastical 2. Thanks to such a bundle, you’ll be able to link the reminders to your schedule’s items and check the schedule for many days ahead in one click. Fantastical 2 supports natural language input. The design of this app is sleek and modern.



💌 User rating: 4.3

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $4.99

👍 Competitive edge: Opportunity to add items to your schedule with intuitive gestures

👎 Weak point: Lack of fancy features

As its name suggests, this app stands out from the rest thanks to its minimalistic interface. Its target audience is people who feel nostalgic about the days when they scribbled down the notes with the help of a pen and paper. Simplicity is the key. Clear enables you to create as many to-do lists as you wish and set a reminder for each item on your schedule. The app syncs with Apple’s Reminders and lets you select from multiple visually pleasing themes.

Remember The Milk

💌 User rating: 4.3

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $49.99 annually

👍 Competitive edge: Cross-platform compatibility and integration with various services

👎 Weak point: Limited functionality of the free version

It’s a rather minimalistic product. Create a task, add a deadline for it and set a reminder. Remember The Milk can send notifications through multiple channels, including email, Twitter and text messages. It’s compatible with various platforms and integrates with third-party services. You can share the contents of the app with other people so that they’re aware of your plans.

To have a taste of the app, you may start with its free version. However, its functionality is limited. Only after you upgrade to premium, you’ll be able to tag your tasks with colors, attach documents to them and benefit from unlimited storage.


💌 User rating: 4.3

🏳️ The most affordable plan: $7.99

👍 Competitive edge: Many themes and notification sounds to choose from

👎 Weak point: Limited functionality

This one is focused exclusively on the reminders. It doesn’t double as a time, task or project management solution. Some users perceive it as an advantage — and others as a disadvantage.

The interface is uncluttered and you can easily navigate between the features with the help of swipe-based gestures. After a reminder goes off, you can deactivate it — or let it repeat in 10 minutes. Feel free to customize your Due experience by choosing one of the multiple available themes and notification sounds.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to a reminder app for iPhone, you’ll never forget about your tasks, goals and plans. This piece of software can act as a one-off or recurring alarm clock. You can choose an app that offers the most basic reminders — or has more advanced features to help you better organize your time. When selecting a product, pay attention to its device compatibility, usability, functionality and price.

One of the best solutions on the market is LeaderTask. It’s a powerful time and task management tool with excellent reminders and notifications. It’s equally suitable for private and business use and we genuinely recommend it.

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