LeaderTask: the perfect app for task management in your life

Willam Shakespeare - Hamlet`s Monologue
Michael Kalashnikov
Michael Smith
23 August 2023
3 min

Today your life can’t be represented without the helper which will send you notifications about upcoming deals and meeting; it’s called to do list or task manager. But where to find the nice and free online to do list? And to find the same free online task manager? Or it’s one app? Yes, it’s LeaderTask.

Willam Shakespeare - Hamlet`s Monologue

To do or not to do

You can find many online task management software in the Web, but all of them aren’t ideal. LeaderTask is ideal, and that is why:

  1. No restrictions by planning: you can create online to do list for day or the year ahead!
  2. Your tasks will be divided into subtasks and therefore your efficiency and productivity will grow very quickly.
  3. In LeaderTask you can realize many different projects: from new office building till training of employees.
  4. You can create online big to do lists absolutely for free!

What about the management feature of LeaderTask? That’s real cool!

LeaderTask app

Task manager LeaderTask

This app is realized for Windows, Android, iOS, Android Wear, Apple Watch, Mac and of course for Web. LeaderTask as the free online task manager is much perfect like competitors: here you can work by many different and famous task management methods. For example, Pomodoro or Gantt chart. The last one will help you in project management, more info about — in video below.

As you see, LeaderTask is perfect chance to integrate new and productive tool in your life. For what purpose you need online task management software? As it has been mentioned above, your productivity will be higher than earlier. And income level too!

It has been considered that the using of LeaderTask increases efficiency by 63%, so and the income level will increase in the same progression.

What is Pomodoro and why it’s necessary for you?

The program «Pomodoro timer»

To increase the efficiency, it is necessary to be able to plan correctly. In the world of time-management there is a lot of good the technician, created especially for it.

Pomodoro consists of two periods: 25-minute and 5-minute. 25 minutes are allotted for work, and 5 — on rest. That it happened, during 5-minute rest it isn’t necessary to turn to work, the same concerns also work.

Pomodoro is realized as the additional app on Windows version of LeaderTask. Therefore work on the technique is carried out directly in the LeaderTask interface. Your free online to do list will be executed for 100%!

Download LeaderTask right now, and begin drawing up the to do list with simple action: write down all the tasks in the Unassorted. After that you will need only to distribute each of tasks for the corresponding day, month or year. Try not to add more than 3 important tasks for the 1 day to do list. At you everything will turn out!

LeaderTask Self-Development App

Track your habits, create daily to-do lists in the LeaderTask planner, set up repeats and reminders, so you don’t miss anything important. Make sure to plan your workday to become more productive in your career and personal life.

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