The Ultimate Daily Planner App for Windows and Beyond

planner app for windows and other platforms
Michael Kalashnikov
Michael Smith
23 August 2023
3 min

Most businesses run on PC with Windows on board. Therefore, the flagship of planner app LeaderTask was created for Windows. Today I will show how this program is useful for business and personal planning.

planner app for windows and other platforms

Planner app: Windows business’s flagman

One of the key features of this planner app for Windows is the ability to competently distribute your tasks and assignments:

  1. Drag and drop tasks on any calendar day in one click.
  2. Break tasks into subtasks for 100% goal achievement.
  3. Paint tasks in different colors.
  4. Tags for tasks based on urgency/importance, etc.

In any business, there are several key components. One of them is projects. In LeaderTask, we implemented a flexible and useful project interface that will help combine tasks by different topics.

About projects in the planner app LeaderTask — below.

PC planner LeaderTask and projects

To work with projects in LeaderTask, this PC planner has a huge number of important abilities:

  1. The ability to highlight a project in color.
  2. Combine all tasks and subtasks into different projects.
  3. Split projects into subprojects.
  4. Give projects access to the right circle of employees.
  5. Keep all project files and documents in the same task within the project, for example, create a “Project Introductory” task and commit all source materials and files to it.

In addition, you can manage the project using the built-in Gantt chart tool to improve control over its execution. Please note: the option is available exclusively in the planner app for Windows, on other platforms Gantt chart it is not available.


Desktop planner for Windows 10

Desktop planner supports Windows 10, as well as a number of other versions of Windows and other platforms. So, you can download LeaderTask to one of your devices:

  1. iOS;
  2. Android;
  3. Apple Watch;
  4. Android Wear;
  5. Mac OS X.

It allows you to have a single to-do list on all devices and access them literally in 2 clicks, wherever you are. Even on the plane thanks to offline mode!

Download the planner app for pc

LeaderTask is one of the most flexible planning tools. To fully study and understand it, one article is not enough.

To fully understand the benefits of planner app for PC LeaderTask, take a look at some of its very useful properties:

  1. Notifications and reminders of all upcoming events with flexible timeline settings.
  2. The ability to send assignments to your subordinates in 2 clicks.
  3. Ability to carry forward task execution dates.
  4. Ability to correspond with all task participants in built-in chat, etc.
  5. Use any of the 50 built-in time management systems to accelerate your work and increase productivity. Your own and the whole company.

Try the planner app now and for free – click the link below.

LeaderTask is a business assistant

LeaderTask is a business-oriented task manager with tools for project, task, and team management. It aids companies in streamlining workflows, overseeing projects, assigning tasks, and ensuring task completion.

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