How to be organized: 5 rules of productivity

Michael Kalashnikov
Michael Smith
23 August 2023
2 min

To be productive, you have to be able to organize your work and time competently. To help those who think how to be organized, please welcome: 5 rules of productivity.


Plan all day

Your main weapon is time. They need to manage them as productively as possible to achieve great results.

In planning we recommend:

  1. Allocate 8 hours to work.
  2. 8 hours – for rest.
  3. 8 hours to sleep.

Start planning your day.

1 hour – 1 task

Break down your tasks into subtasks so that each task does not last more than 1 hour. You can do this in the section of a week sprint:

  1. Make a list of key tasks for the week ahead.
  2. Define the duration of each one.
  3. If you will fint out tasks that last more than 1 hour, break them down into subtasks.
  4. Determine the duration of each subtask.
  5. If there are subtasks that exceed 1 hour, split them into subtasks, too.

Always plan an extra 15 minutes

If you make a plan for 1 day, try to add 15 minutes for each task.

How to be organized is not a rhetorical question, but a specific manual to action, as you can see.

Use time-management techniques

Time management is the science of managing your time. Use one of the time management techniques to keep your productivity growing.

For example, you can use:

  1. Gantt chart.
  2. Pomodoro.
  3. Eisenhower matrix.
  4. Getting things done, etc.

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Use LeaderTask

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In LeaderTask you can:

  1. Plan the day, week, month and year ahead;
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  3. Highlight everything most important with tags and colors;
  4. Send reminders of the most important tasks, etc.

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