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Everyone needs a daily planner. And for PC, and for mobile devices. Actually, the volume of tasks that we solve every day does not allow the head to remember all this.

LeaderTask will come to the rescue — one of the best daily planners of its kind. Try it at the link below and we'll tell you more about this.

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Daily planner

Calendar planner software

To properly allocate your working time, you need a good calendar planner software. This is also LeaderTask, because in the app you can:
  1. Create to-do lists and move them from day to day by simply dragging them to another day of the calendar;
  2. it is very easy to navigate your own to-do list using colors and tags;
  3. group tasks into projects and set deadlines for their implementation and much more.
Thus, working with a built-in daily in LeaderTask is very simple, literally in 2 clicks.
Software calendar planner requires developers to pay attention to detail. A huge team of programmers participate in the development of the program, each of whom is responsible for a certain part of the app.
The result is an ideal planner for your life.
Daily planner app for pc

Day scheduler software for your productivity

Productivity directly depends on the to-do list and the intensity of movement on it. So, LeaderTask implements all the necessary options for day scheduler software:
  • the possibility of making a quick change to the to-do list;
  • the ability to delegate all necessary tasks;
  • prioritizing with Focus and other built-in tools, etc.
Work with a list of tasks with a full day scheduler software — increase your efficiency.
Computer day planner

Computer day planner and other platforms

LeaderTask's flagman is computer day planner for Windows — to control your business. But in addition, you can find the app on the following platforms:
  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Mac OS X;
  • Apple Watch;
  • Android Wear.
Download the program for the platform you want by clicking on the link above or below.

Daily planner for computer

You just imagine this situation: in the morning we got up, had breakfast, got into the car and immediately checked with the plan for the day ahead. Upon arrival at work it will be waiting for you on your work PC.
This is the main advantage of the daily planner for computer LeaderTask — the ability to display to-do list on your smartphone and computer.
Try it in action now — download the app from the link below:

Download LeaderTask

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