Add color tags from a standard set or create your own by custom settings. Enter a name and choose a color as you wish. You can also sort tasks in LeaderTask by specific tags.
The standard set includes tags:
  • Green - Attention!
  • Red - Urgent!
  • Yellow - Important!

To create your own tag, you need to right-click on the task-tags-select. In front of you the window of "tags" will be opened, where you will see the button: "Add new tag", we click on this button and get into the window of creation of new tags. You will be asked to give a name for the tag and choose a color and then save it. Now there 's a new tag in your set. You can also find the tag you want by searching for tags. In the same window where you added the tag.

You sort tags in the LeaderTask in the center window, where you can click the tag icon to select the sort conditions by which tags you want to sort tasks.


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