Tasks in LeaderTask

Tasks and subtasks in LeaderTask are all your activities that need to be completed. The application allows you to create an unlimited number of them (you can break down a larger task into smaller ones, within which there can also be tasks).

LeaderTask: An App for Planning Tasks and Activities.

Create daily to-do lists in the LeaderTask planner, break them down into subtasks, and establish a hierarchical structure for more effective completion of complex tasks. Make sure to engage in daily work planning to enhance productivity in both your career and personal life.

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In LeaderTask, tasks come with a wide range of settings. You can assign a status, label, and color to a task, attach a detailed description, checklist, file, and send messages in the chat. For high-priority tasks, there is a ‘focus’ status.

Tasks can be assigned to colleagues, and you can set a due date for them. Additionally, you can create reminders to not forget upcoming events or turn them into recurring tasks by configuring the repetition frequency.

For sharing information with other departments, there is the ability to move tasks between projects, and for quick access, you can send tasks to colleagues in the form of a link. You can also allocate a specific number of hours for task completion using the Stopwatch feature.

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