Updated LeaderTask 15.11 for iOS

LeaderTask for mobile platforms does not stand still and develops in the direction of easy working, new appearance and the development of functionality! Meet new LeaderTask task manager for iPhone and iPad!

New LeaderTask 15.11 for iOS

In this version, we have seriously worked and updated the appearance of the properties of the task, namely the chat. Here are a few points that we would like to draw your attention to:

  • We carefully designed the messages in the chat in the form of clouds with the appropriate color: the performer has a green color, and the task performer has a red color
  • Chat messages are not stretched to the full width of the screen, but are limited by the size of the message itself
  • Improved rendering in the chat and accelerated its work, removed unnecessary empty spaces
  • Now the chat for the task displays not 2, but 4 recent messages.

LeaderTask for iOS with messages in tasks

The task files are now in the chat - where they should be.
All new files that you attach to the task are displayed in the chat. Files attached before the update will be displayed as before-above the chat.

LeaderTask for iOS attaching files to chat

Attach files to the tasks and they will be displayed directly in the chat with the exact date and time of their attachment. This will make it easier for you to find the file you need and discuss it with your colleagues.

On other platforms, attached files are displayed above the chat. We will soon solve this problem with different file locations for the task. 

A completely new feature for our service, available so far, however, only to iPhone and iPad users - Voice messages!

LeaderTask for iphone with voice messages in tasks

No longer do you need to type a message long and hard on the keyboard screen - just write down a comment on the task in the form of a voice message. Speed up your tasks!

A very convenient tool, especially for those who are always on the go, and everyone is used to it in messengers. It doesn't matter where you are - driving, jogging, or at the workplace - discuss the details of the tasks and monitor their performance with your voice.

On other platforms, voice messages are displayed as files attached to the task and are displayed above the chat. We will solve this problem in the near future.

Also with the development of new features and updating the appearance of the application, we managed to fix its visual "shortcomings", get rid of bugs in the logic of work and some unpleasant crashes.

We also managed to speed up the synchronization process a little.

The app has become even more stable and fast.

And we continue to work. Wait for news)

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