Presenting Boards in LeaderTask for Windows 15.1

Visualize your goals and projects with new Boards!



Boards in LeaderTask


We released a new version of LeaderTask for Windows 15.1. Now you no longer need to think about how to visualize your goals or get a complete picture of the progress of projects.


So, how Boards will help you:


in your personal life:


  • visualize your goals for a week, month, or a year;
  • visually display, for example, a diet plan or medication intake; work at home or in your car;
  • and much more.


Boards in Leadertask-setting personal goals


in your work and business:


  • build a project execution plan;
  • create a strategy and goals for your business for years to come;
  • set up the work of the team within certain departments, directions, time (for example, the column — the number of the week, cards — the main goals);
  • and much, much more.

Boards in LeaderTask - setting team goals

In General, Boards can cover any area of your life where you would like to have a clear picture of what is happening right now, what overpast and what is going to be in future.


Each Board consists of:


- stages - steps


- cards - specific goals and objectives


Columns and cards in LeaderTask Boards

You can create an unlimited number of columns and cards, for example, to plan your goals for 50 years ahead :)


For each card, you can:


  • attach files;
  • add a cover, any image to better visualize a specific task;
  • write a note - a more detailed but brief description of what you need to achieve or do.


Cover cards in LeaderTask Boards

You can also transfer cards between columns. It is convenient when something in your plans has changed and you can, for example, buy a new apartment not in 2021, but in 2022 :(


drag and drop of Boards in LeaderTask


We also thought about collaborating on Boards in LeaderTask.


You can add any teammate to the Board that you created yourself.


In this case we adopted one very important point — access when working together with Boards:


write access


Any member of the Board can add cards, stages, add notes, files, covers, and transfer cards between stages. In general, full access to the Board and Its content.


It is very convenient when working on projects or plans for a certain period of time.


read access


The Board member can only see what is going on in the Board.


It is suitable when you want the participant only to see, but not be able to change anything, for example, to introduce all teammates with the goals of your company.


Creating a Board in LeaderTask and assigning access rights


You can also color any Board to visually highlight Boards with high priority or separate personal from work boards.


Colors for Boards in LeaderTask


We very much hope that you will enjoy this functionality and you will actively use it not only in your work, but also in your life.


We certainly use it — we build a plan for working on platforms for each week in the Boards. Very convenient, really!

It's your turn now!


Add your first Board by clicking the Add button in the Navigator.


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