Results of the year 2020!

LeaderTask Results 2020


The year 2020 is coming to an end and we cannot but sum up the results of this, let's not be afraid of this word, a difficult year for all of us in all respects!


The coronavirus pandemic turned the whole world upside down, but at the same time rediscovered to the whole world one very important detail of our life - the ability to live and work remotely - at a distance from each other!

We in LeaderTask are no exception! The development, support, and marketing teams still work from home, and only come together on very important occasions. Fortunately, our service is just perfect for such challenges of the outside world, which well, do not depend on us.


But today is not about that. We would like to tell you - refresh in our and your memory - the results of the work over the past year, so that we can enter the coming year with new thoughts, plans, goals and tasks.

So, what has been done this year?!


83 releases with new features and bug fixes have been released this year:

Windows - 20
Android - 36
iOS - 21
MacOS - 6

And it is simply impossible to count how many internal and beta builds there were :)


Absolutely on all independent platforms, a purely team function was implemented - Productivity.


2020 results leadertask productivity



We have already talked about it, but the main task of this tool is to reflect the real productivity of each team member: from an ordinary teammate to the CEO.

Next year we plan to make Productivity for personal use as well - motivation to do better and more for your beloved one :)


And all the apps have got small but very informative notifications: in the morning one informs you about upcoming plans for the day, and the second in the evening - about its results.


morning notification LeaderTask         Daily results notification LeaderTask


Also on the iOS and Windows platforms some more interesting notifications have been introduced, or let us say a whole notification panel, the purpose of which is to teach you how to work in the program, inform you about plans for tasks, as well as messages about new features in LeaderTask, discounts and special offers.


notification panel LeaderTask


Perhaps not everyone noticed this, but notifications about granted access to a project or a task appeared only this year. They are perfectly integrated into the team work. You no longer need to monitor the Navigator for a new task in access or a shared project.


granted access to the project LeaderTask           granted access to the task LeaderTask


Colors for projects are another new feature of this year. We talked about it a lot and for a long time in the community under different contexts. As a result, we did it on all platforms. It turned out that this is a great function to visualize projects: now it is easy to separate completed projects from current ones, personal projects from work, projects of one department from another, and so on.


colors to projects LeaderTask


And of course absolutely on all platforms we tried to clean up absolutely all bugs. How well we did it, up to you to judge. But we will not stop, one of the main goals of the next year will be the complete elimination of bugs on all platforms :)


These were the main milestones of 2020 on all major platforms of LeaderTask. But that's not all!


As you may have noticed, we have significantly changed the design of our websites - ru and com. Our goal was to make them as modern, informative and useful as possible for both new and current users.

You can also rate it if you haven't seen it yet. and


We couldn’t forget this year about macOS users. In the last quarter 2020 the first version of a completely new application for Mac was released. We took into account all the previous mistakes and tried to make the most convenient application for Apple product lovers.


New Mac app LeaderTask


Tree structure, Carl! Yes, yes, you heard it right. We managed to make a task tree on Mac. And that's cool! We will not stop here and in 2021 you will be able to work in the most stable, modern and convenient LeaderTask for Mac!


Tree structure LeaderTask Mac


And we can not ignore the latest innovation on Windows - Boards.
We wrote about this in detail just a week ago.


But briefly about the Boards.
Now you no longer need to think about how to visually see your goals or get a complete picture of the progress of the project.
The main purpose of the Boards is to visualize your goals, projects, plans, etc. You can use the Boards not only for yourself, but also for building teamwork.
The potential of this tool is almost limitless, so it will be developed in 2021.


Boards - KanBan - in LeaderTask



Well, perhaps, we have told you about all the main things for 2020. Maybe we missed something. Correct us if anything was lost or wrong!

Happy New year! Do not forget to make a wish at 00:00 the first of January 2021 - it will definitely come true. Believe us ;)


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