Your personal and business appointment scheduling software

Our work is filled with various meetings: from work to private. In order not to forget anything, appointment scheduling software must be installed on the phone and on the working PC. And it is desirable with a synchronized list of meetings. And such a program is exists.


Your personal and business appointment scheduling software

Appointment scheduler LeaderTask

LeaderTask is a perfect appointment scheduler. Each appointment is displayed as a task. You can paint these tasks in any color, for example, depending on the importance of the upcoming meeting or its duration.
You can also use the LeaderTask to:
  • Display all appointments in the built-in daily log;
  • In 1 click display the to-do list for the coming day;
  • Reschedule appointments and appoint new ones, having before your eyes your full schedule for the day, week and months ahead.
It's only a small fraction of those features that make LeaderTask a wonderful appointment scheduler. What about displaying the list on your working PC and phone?
In the LeaderTask you can record all the agreements after appointment in the notes built into the task. This is an important feature, because sometimes all oral agreements are simply forgotten.
And with written fixation and communication with the participant of the meeting in the built-in chat, their performance will be 100% success.
Appointment scheduler

Appointment management software — the real one LeaderTask

Monitoring of meetings on the computer and phone — this is only possible by the real appoint management software. And that is LeaderTask.
What if the meeting is scheduled for the duration of your absence? Here offline mode will come to the rescue. In LeaderTask you can assign a meeting to your employee while on an airplane or train — without communication.
As soon as your device "catches" the Internet, all assignments will be sent to their addressees in LeaderTask. This is a very useful feature if you are constantly on trips, business trips, etc.
In addition, you can assign a meeting to your colleague, and then, inside the task itself, view the report on the past incident. Not bad, truth?
LeaderTask is implemented on the following platforms:
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Apple Watch
  • Android Wear
Draw up a single list of meetings in an excellent appointment management software LeaderTask. Download it at the link below:
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