What are the different spheres of human life

Spheres of human life
Ted Scott
Ted Scott
4 March 2024
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Psychology studies the concept of “spheres of life”. These are different areas of activity, manifestations of reality, relationships that form a person’s unique personality. On how harmoniously they interact with each other, depends on his success, well-being, moral state, the feeling of satisfaction from life. To achieve harmony between these constituent parts it is important to maintain balance. They should not interfere or contradict each other in any way.

If we consider human life as a living organism, in it the spheres of life represent separate parts of the body united in a single system, each of which performs its separate functions. Legs are needed for walking, hands for manipulating objects, head for thinking, and so on. For a moment, imagine what would happen if all these organs were replaced by a single, universal one? The human organism would degenerate, return to the amoeba stage. And so it is in life: the more complex its structure, the more complete and diverse it is.

Main spheres of life

Main spheres of life

There is no universal model of human life. Everyone chooses how to behave in different situations, what aspect of life to focus on in order to succeed. Some people go into sports or music. Other people go into business or politics. And someone prioritizes health and upbringing of children. There are quite a lot of options. Many different studies have been conducted on this topic. One of the popular models was proposed by an American management consultant, Stephen Covey, who described it in his book “Seven Skills of Highly Effective People”. According to Covey’s theory, a person interacts with four spheres in the process of life activity:

Spheres of life
Everything that has to do with the body, the human organism. Base for other processes.Mindfulness, critical thinking development.The inner world of man.Relationships with others, socializing, building communications.

Each of the above aspects affects the success, harmoniousness of the personality. The physical sphere is the base. For its development it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat right, maintain a drinking regime by drinking 30 grams of clean water per kilogram of weight (about 7-8 glasses) every day. To implement this useful habit, you can set a reminder on your phone or in your task manager.
  2. Get rid of bad habits: cigarettes, hookah, alcohol.
  3. Practice regular physical activity. Start with a daily 20-minute exercise routine, choosing a suitable activity that you enjoy. This could be jogging, an intense workout at the gym, or home yoga in a comfortable environment.
  4. Undertake timely medical examinations.

The development of the mental sphere depends on the reliability and efficient operation of the “base”, i.e. the physical side. Various “upgrades” can be built on it with the help of the following practices:

  1. Readings. Books provide food for thought, increase erudition and develop intelligence.
  2. Learning foreign languages. You can practice on language courses or while traveling. This way you will not only expand your vocabulary, but also learn to express yourself in another language.
  3. Set life goals for a month, a year, 3 years. You can formulate them in your head or fix them in writing. Knowing the goal will help to prioritize correctly, concentrating on really important tasks, getting rid of vanity.
  4. Developing mindfulness. From time to time ask yourself the question: “What am I doing?”, “Why?”.

The concept of spirituality refers to an ideal. To get closer to it, a person needs to:

  1. Determine for yourself the highest spiritual values. They differ from person to person, and this is normal: some people put forward movement and development above all else, while stability is more important to others. One is obsessed with scientific discoveries, while another cannot imagine life without creativity.
  2. Focus on inner sensations, meditate.
  3. Doing charity or social work, helping other people.

To develop in the social sphere, use Stephen Covey’s rule: “First try to understand, then be understood”. Don’t look for blame. Analyze and deal with emotions that arise in tense situations. Ask yourself: “Why am I reacting this way?”. This will allow you to better understand yourself and find harmony with the world around you.

The German scientist of Iranian origin, Nossrat Pezeshkian, the founder of positive psychology, developed the Balance Model of Happiness based on the 4 qualities of life. In the course of his global research, he traveled to 5 continents of the world and studied more than 20 national cultures. In addition to material status, religion and social status, the scientist asked people what makes them happy? What place does money occupy in their lives? How much time do they devote to work? After analyzing the information received, Pazeshkian concluded that there are four paths to happiness:

  1. Feelings (body). This is the appearance, health, lifestyle of a person.
  2. Intuition (meaning). This category includes the inner world, the spiritual side of an individual’s life. It also includes the system of values, goals, faith, the overall meaning of existence.
  3. Traditions (contacts). Or relationships with other people, kinship, friendship, love ties.
  4. Mind (activity). This part of life is devoted to professional realization. It includes achievements in studies, at work, hobbies. Success in this sphere is characterized by material prosperity of a person.

The spheres of a person’s life strongly influence personal identification. They are inextricably linked, inseparable from each other. For a full-fledged existence, it is necessary to develop each of these sides. Ignoring any of them will inevitably lead to problems, conflicts and chaos in life.

Relationship with public spheres

Relationship with public spheres

Human life takes place within society. It is a complex multilevel system in which various processes take place. It is divided into intermediate complexes consisting of separate elements – subsystems, forming groups of social relations. Four subsystems are distinguished in social life:

It is the economic activity of an individual, a family, a country.It is connected with the arrangement of the state, judicial system, security.Consists of two parts:
1. Society as a whole;
2.Organizations and institutions that support the welfare of the population.
Reflects the moral and spiritual makeup of society.
Its elements: Economy; Forms of ownership; Taxes; Entrepreneurship; Banks; Unemployment.Includes: State; Political parties; LegislationIncludes people, social groups, nations, estates and classes.It includes: Church; Scientific, educational institutions; Laboratories; Theaters, art galleries.
Gives funds for the development of other areas.Ensures the peaceful existence of people.Helps meet primary needs.Produces and communicates new knowledge and values.

The influence of the spheres of social life on the personality is related to the needs of the individual:

  • Material;
  • In socializing with other people;
  • In discipline, organization, law, order, peace;
  • In self-affirmation, realization of abilities, truth, beauty, moral and spiritual growth.

Condition diagnosis

Knowing the characteristics of life spheres, you can independently assess their condition. To do this, you need to honestly answer a few questions:

  • What successes have you had in this area?
  • Does it bring you pleasure?
  • How much time do you devote to this part of your life?
  • Do you receive praise from others for your accomplishments in this area of endeavor?

By answering all the above questions frankly and honestly, you will realize what is wrong with you. Get a kind of impetus to improve your life. With the areas that received positive answers, you are fine. Areas with negative answers require improvement and fine-tuning.

Balance wheel

To improve the quality of life, psychologists recommend using the “Wheel of Life Balance” method. To create it, a circle is drawn, consisting of separate segments-spheres. It is filled taking into account the degree of development of one or another direction. The number of segments can be different, depending on the number of spheres of life. Some people will need 8 sectors, and some will need 12.

A circle does not have to have a perfectly round shape. It is physically impossible to excel in all areas. Its main function is to help a person move forward by demonstrating which areas require more careful work. The technique helps to structure, balance life, avoid critical situations and crises.

How to evolve in the living environment

How to evolve in the living environment

Each sphere is part of a person’s personality. Ideally, they should all be well developed and “pumped up”. Then you will be active, energetic, purposeful, self-confident and invulnerable to addictions. But in practice, most of the spheres of life are in a state of frustration. That is, to engage in them, there is no time or energy. But there is one favorite area of life, to which it is not a pity to devote all your time. It can be a job that a person is ready to devote 24 hours a day. Or the desire to look good, to stay always young.

Such fixation becomes a fertile ground for the nurturing of all sorts of addictions. A person who is passionate about work can quickly turn into a fanatical workaholic. And a follower of a healthy lifestyle will not notice how he becomes a chronic hypochondriac, constantly experiencing fear and anxiety about his life. That is, all the positive aspects that a person received from his favorite sphere will be completely destroyed. For example, after the birth of a child, a woman devotes all her time to her family, sacrificing personal interests and career. She is not realized as a professional, ruins her talents, is completely dependent on her husband. Over time, this leads to mutual claims, quarrels, conflicts and breakdown of relationships.

Systematic and constant development in all areas will help to avoid this. This can be 3-4 main areas and any number of minor ones. Even if at first some of them may seem uninteresting or boring, you will gradually get involved in the process, and the positive results will not be long in coming.

Setting life goals with LeaderTask

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It is worthwhile to start working through life spheres by setting global goals. A person should clearly realize what he is striving for, what results he wants to achieve. This makes it possible to make actions meaningful, not rushing from side to side, clearly following the plan.

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In the program you can easily create to-do and task lists, distribute them by urgency and priority. This will allow you to concentrate on the most important things, without being distracted by trifles.

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To begin with, it is worth thinking about where you are aiming, what you want to achieve. To do this, you need to clearly formulate your goals. All people are unique, so each person lives and develops in certain spheres. Someone puts material values in the first place, while others are more important morality or spirituality. To achieve harmony in life, it is important not to dwell on any one area, but to pay attention to all your life spheres. This will make you happy and self-sufficient, prevent you from stress and depression.

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