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The to-do list is a necessary attribute of our everyday life. And when it is still accompanied by a reminder list, then such an instrument costs a million dollars.

And what if I say that such a tool exists and it can be tested absolutely free of charge? Download LeaderTask:

Download LeaderTask

Reminder list

Online reminders

The program LeaderTask works with an Internet connection. You can:
  1. create tasks and to-do lists for any day;
  2. control them from any of your devices;
  3. work with a flexible reminders system;
  4. send assignments to colleagues, etc.
Online reminders in LeaderTask are pop-ups with reminders of upcoming cases. You can configure:
  1. reminders sending time;
  2. the format of tasks for which these reminders are needed, etc.
By the way, online reminders will send even when your device is offline. And all changes will take effect immediately after connecting to the Web.
Reminder online

List of reminders: flexible and simple system

List of reminders in LeaderTask is a list of tasks for any day of the week. You can:
  1. assign colors and tags to the required tasks;
  2. group them into projects;
  3. reassign the date and time of execution in one click;
  4. create subtasks and tree-structure reminders list.
These and many other options are already available in test mode LeaderTask. Download an app by the link above or below.

Free reminders in LeaderTask

Many program options are paid, which cannot be said about reminders. They're absolutely free.
You can receive reminders for free, applications on all platforms will send them to you on the desktop and the main screen.
Reminder list system

One of the best: reminder list app

Creating a quality reminder list app is difficult, because you need to take into account many important factors:
  1. Ability to carry forward a task's due date.
  2. Ability to target a task to your subordinate.
  3. Flexible task monitoring system.
  4. Implementation on all required platforms, etc.
We have already talked about the first 3 points, then there are no platforms yet. So this is LeaderTask implemented on the following OS's:
  • Windows.
  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Mac OS X.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Android Wear.
Use LeaderTask every day, boost your productivity with our reminder list app and don't forget anything. Try LeaderTask for free at the link below:
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