Productivity in LeaderTask.

It’s important for managers to understand the volume of tasks employees are completing and how effectively they’re handling their responsibilities. Assessing both one’s own and the productivity of other team members can be done in the ‘Productivity’ section.

To evaluate productivity, LeaderTask utilizes productivity metrics and task completion graphs.

The productivity index is a scale that shows efficiency over a specific period. The index is calculated using the formula:

Completed tasks on time / All completed tasks * 100

Productivity is assessed based only on assigned tasks. All other tasks are not considered. Once an assigned task is marked as ‘Ready for submission,’ it automatically enters the statistics. Tasks with statuses ‘Rejected’ or ‘Completed’ (the task creator marked it as completed) are not counted. All assigned tasks must have a set completion date, defined by the ‘Date’ parameter in the task settings.

The task completion graph allows you to assess an employee’s performance over the last 10 days, 10 weeks, or 10 months. On the graph, you can see:

  1. The total number of tasks assigned
  2. The number of tasks completed on time
  3. The number of overdue tasks

The “All Tasks” tab displays the productivity of all employees for all tasks they were assigned. On the “My Tasks” tab, you can see how employees are handling tasks you’ve assigned to them.

The ‘Productivity’ tool is available in versions for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

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