Team Collaboration – Delegating Tasks

Delegate tasks to employees using assignments in LeaderTask.

Monitor delegated tasks and make edits, send completed tasks back for revisions to the executor, or cancel delegated tasks if they are no longer relevant. For assignments in LeaderTask, there are tabs in the navigator:

  • “Assigned by Me” – This tab contains tasks that you have assigned.
  • “Assigned to Me” – This tab contains tasks that your colleagues have assigned to you for execution, as well as sections for completed tasks.
  • “Ready for Submission” – This is where tasks assigned by you are located, which the performers have marked as “Ready.”
  • “Unread” – Tasks in which changes have occurred but you have not yet viewed them.

Only those who created and assigned the tasks can modify the tasks and their properties. They also accept completed tasks and mark them as done. The performer who completes a task sets a status indicating that it is ready for review. Assigning tasks is not limited to managers; other LeaderTask users can also do so. The performer can comment on tasks, send files, and discuss tasks. Additionally, tasks can be transferred for execution to other employees or shared with other colleagues.

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