Creating tasks from email messages

In the LeaderTask program, you can create a task from an email with just one click by forwarding the email to the address: There’s no need to copy the text; simply forward the email, and it will be transformed into a task in LeaderTask, appearing in the ‘Unprocessed’ tab of the program.

When you open the ‘Unprocessed’ list, you will find a task with the title that was specified in the email’s subject. The content of the email will become a note attached to the task, and any files attached in the email will be attached as files within the task itself. There are no limitations on the number of characters or files that should be in the email. You can convert as many emails as you need.

The most important thing is that the email address from which the email is sent is linked to your LeaderTask account (this email address should be specified in the LeaderTask application under the ‘Account’ section).

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