Smart notifications

Smart notifications in LeaderTask are your personal and team assistant that keeps you informed about planned tasks, provides updates on daily accomplishments, and assists in team collaboration.

Productivity notifications

Notify you about your plans for the day, help you plan your time effectively, and motivate you to work.

Morning notifications will inform you about your upcoming tasks for the day:

  • the number of your own tasks
  • the number of tasks assigned to you
  • the number of overdue tasks, which are tasks with expired due dates

Evening notifications will provide you with a brief summary of your daily accomplishments:

  • how many tasks you have completed
  • how many tasks you still have to do

Access notifications

These notifications help you know which tasks and projects you have been granted access to.

With them, you are always informed about the affairs within your organization.

Smart notification-tips

Notifications provide information about useful LeaderTask features that simplify and expedite not only the app usage but also the task execution process itself.

Notification tips inform you about new messages from LeaderTask, as well as remind you of your achievements and ongoing promotions.

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