12 Best To-Do List Apps For Android

Michael Kalashnikov
Michael Smith
29 December 2023
11 min

A to do list app Android enables you to compose lists of tasks on your smartphone. After you complete a task, you’ll be able to cross it out, tick the box next to it or mark it in some other manner as finished. Such applications enable you to track your productivity in a visually comprehensive way, rationally plan your schedule and become more productive with your personal and professional affairs. In this article, we’ll recommend the genuinely best solutions and will impartially outline their strong and weak sides.

How to Select a Top Checklist App Android

When choosing an optimal app for your needs, try to find answers to these questions:

  • Who is its target audience? An app that seems ideal to a college student might fail to satisfy a business owner. Some people need only the basic features – while others want them to be as extensive as possible.
  • In which formats is it available? Many solutions let you sync your content across multiple devices. You might be able to access your todos in the web version of the app or download a desktop version on your computer.
  • Does it look nice? Its design should meet your aesthetic demands. Preferably, you should be able to customize it.
  • How much does it cost? Some apps are distributed at no cost. Others have paid plans – and free plans or free versions that let you get a notion of the product.

Now, let’s have a look at the apps that we recommend!

1. LeaderTask


💌 Rating: 4.8

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $3.33

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Rich functionality even in the free version

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Opportunity to create tasks from widgets only in the Mozilla Firefox browser

This product lives up to its reputation as the best free to do list app Android. The functionality of its free version is pretty much enough for managing your todos – and you’ll appreciate the extreme user-friendliness of the interface. You may consider upgrading to premium if you want to use notifications, attach files to your tasks and sync your data across multiple devices.

LeaderTask lets you search and filter your tasks, share them, label them and add notifications and reminders to them. You’ll be able to use this product even when you go offline. It’s entirely suitable for business and teamwork. It lets you assess the productivity of the whole group and of each member separately.

The app enables you to create todos from your emails and with the help of the widget. However, the latter method is available only in Mozilla Firefox – which is one of the very few shortcomings of LeaderTask.

2. Todoist


💌 Rating: 4.7

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $5

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Quick Add feature for adding tasks

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Lack of reminders in the free version

Some products from our list have a shallow learning curve, offer only the basic functionality and cater to entry-level users. Others were conceived for the advanced audience and are rather complex. Todoist strives to be the golden middle between these two categories.

Among its most precious competitive benefits is the Quick Add feature. It recognizes natural language and allows you to create new todos with minimum effort. As a cherry on top, this feature is flexibly customizable.

If you fail to complete a to-do on time, you can reschedule it in one click. To conveniently review your full scope of tasks, switch to calendar view. A productivity tracker allows you to handily visualize your performance. Such features as filters, priority levels, subtasks and an opportunity to merge todos in projects are available too.

The free version of Todoist sadly lacks reminders. Its premium plan enables you to create and manage more projects.

3. TickTick

💌 Rating: 4.7

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $2.99

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Won’t Do button that you can push if you decide to dismiss a task

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Its interface could have been more user-friendly

The design of this app might look not as sleek as that of some of its competitors. But this shortcoming doesn’t impact the functionality. The free version of TikTick lets you not only create tasks but also split them into subtasks, tag them and add reminders to them. A premium plan will grant you access to productivity features, a calendar view and many nice add-ons that differentiate this product from its competitors.

One of the coolest features is the Won’t Do button. You can push it if you decide to dismiss a task. The built-in Pomodoro timer will enable you to benefit from one of the most famous time management techniques. To help you stay focused, the app can emit white noise. If you struggle to prioritize the tasks yourself, the Eisenhower matrix will assist you.

4. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

💌 Rating: 4.6

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: This product is free to use

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Seamless integration with the brand’s ecosystem

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Lack of sophisticated features

It’s a rather minimalistic app with an uncluttered design. It’s not too rich in features – but this only makes the product more intuitive. Microsoft To Do can suggest tasks to you, based on the ones that you have already completed and the information from your Outlook calendar. If you create multiple to-do lists, the My Day feature can pull the items from them into a single list. You can easily check your plans for today and tomorrow – as well as overview the highest-priority tasks on one page.

You won’t need to pay to use this app. However, to make the most of it, you might want to integrate with the whole ecosystem of the brand. And this might be the purpose of making Microsoft To Do free for everyone.

5. Any.do


💌 Rating: 4.6

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $2.99

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Teamwork functionality

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Not too powerful free version

Any.do quickly catches the eye thanks to its eye-candy interface. It’s highly client-oriented and strives to simplify your customer journey as much as possible. You can expect to enjoy all the basic to-do related features and a lot of advanced ones. For instance, My Day saves you from the necessity to glance patiently through all your lists – instead, it sums up your tasks with the highest priority. Other task views are focused on your todos for selected time frames.

The free version of this product might fail to impress you. It’s impossible to integrate it with third-party software. You won’t be able to make tasks repetitive or collaborate on them with others. Business collectives will appreciate the premium Any.do Teams version with top-notch project boards and collaboration tools. The powerful functionality of this version doesn’t tell on the ease of use and its UX remains very well-thought-out.

6. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

💌 Rating: 4.6

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $1.69

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Extensive functionality of the free version

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Substandard design

This solution enables you to create to-dos, split large ones into several small parts, set deadlines for them, set several varieties of reminders, highlight selected items, fine-tune the priority levels of tasks, create notes and attach them to your to-dos. On a smartphone, you’ll be able to create todos with the help of a button in the notification bar on the display. You can add a task just as quickly and easily as sending a text message – and then, come back to it later and edit the details. The functionality of the free version is rich, compared to many alternatives. After you upgrade to premium, you’ll be able to access the app as a web page and collaborate on your content with others. Apart from the monthly subscription, there is a lifetime one that costs $55.

Please mind that the more todos you have, the more poorly the app organizes your content. If you handle only a limited number of tasks at a time, things should be fine.

7. Google Keep

Google Keep

💌 Rating: 4.6

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: This product is free to use

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Shallow learning curve

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Not powerful enough for complex business projects

This app shouldn’t be confused with the previous one. The latter was purposefully built for handling your to-dos. As we said earlier, it has one significant drawback: the more content it contains, the more poorly it organizes it. Google Keep, by contrast, might provide a better user experience for those who’re interested primarily in everyday task management – even though it was originally designed for note-taking. It syncs with other solutions by the same brand, including the calendar. After you create tasks, you can add reminders to them in the text format or as photos that you take on the go. It will be easy for you to attach notes to your to-dos, label the items and collaborate on your contents with others.

On the flip side, this product can’t deal with complex business projects because it lacks advanced features.

8. WaterDo

💌 Rating: 4.5

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $0.99

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Funny gamification concept

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Not the most obvious choice for business

In this app, you can find all the basic functionality that is typical for its niche. You can create tasks, make them repetitive, split them into subtasks, add labels and notes to them and so on. What makes WaterDo stand out from the rest is its unique gamification concept. A cute talking seal will greet you and assist you with onboarding. Your tasks will be visualized as bubbles that you’ll need to pop. You can earn points for completing your todos and travel from one virtual island to another while making progress. You’ll be able to spend your points to upgrade your virtual experience – or to donate to a real-world charity called The Water Project.

Many people quickly fall in love with this gamification approach. However, it’s hardly suitable for business. Besides, the functionality of the app is not too advanced in some aspects. For instance, it’s impossible to create multiple to-do lists – you can only tag tasks within one list to assign a specific color to their bubbles.

Apart from the monthly subscription, you can purchase a lifetime WaterDo license. It costs $14.99 and it’s a superb way of cutting down your expenses in the long run. A premium plan will make your gaming experience more fascinating and will let you unlock advanced productivity features.

9. Memorigi


💌 Rating: 4.5

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $49.99 – it’s the price of the annual subscription

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Ease of organizing multiple to-dos

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Limited functionality of the free version

This app offers ready-to-use task lists, such as Chores and Family. Plus, you can effortlessly add custom ones and delete them as soon as you stop needing them. The app can filter and display items with the necessary characteristics – for instance, pending, today’s or planned for next week. As soon as you complete a todo, it will move to the Logbook. When a task comes due, you’ll see it in your Inbox.

The free version of Memorigi lacks subtasks, tags, file attachments, integrations with third-party software and the opportunity to sync your contents with a cloud. To upgrade to premium, be ready to pay $49.99 annually. Unfortunately, there are no monthly subscriptions.

10. Singularity

💌 Rating: 4.4

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $2.99

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Tools for developing good habits

👎 What makes it not so perfect: High price of the lifetime license

This app can become your reliable assistant in developing good habits. It will track how many days in a row you conduct the activities that enable you to build a habit. It will draw a graphic that will reveal your progress and will motivate you to carry on. It can also single out the habit in which you succeed the most.

You can use Singularity to manage your todos and projects too. It will be easy for you to juggle multiple projects and invite others to collaborate on them. This app boasts helpful filters and an opportunity to add tasks via email. It has a voice input feature – but it’s impossible to set due dates with your voice. If you don’t know when you need to complete a certain to-do, you can specify its deadline as “someday”.

The free version of this solution lacks such important features as calendar view and filters. Be ready to update to premium if you require integrations, data syncing and unlimited projects. As an alternative to a monthly subscription, Singularity offers a lifetime license. It costs $89.99, which can be too much for some users.

11. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

💌 Rating: 4.4

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: $39.99 – there are no monthly subscriptions, so the only way out is to buy the annual one

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Very efficient search function

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Might overwhelm you with a too large number of tasks on display simultaneously

As you can guess by its name, this app was conceived for private casual use. Its design mimics that of an email messenger. Remember The Milk covers everything you can expect from a basic app of this type. When it comes to add-ons, its search function deserves special praise. You’ll be able to filter items by priority, date and keywords. The Smart Lists feature will automate the process of composing lists with to-dos that meet pre-defined criteria. The Smart Add feature will simplify the process of dealing with task properties from a single line.

As for the shortcomings, the free version of this product might suit only the least demanding users. With it, you’d fail to attach files to your to-dos, tag them and split them into subtasks. Besides, if you need to handle a large number of tasks at once, the app might display them so that its interface will be cluttered.

12. ColorNote


💌 Rating: 4.3

🏳️ Lowest price to pay to upgrade to premium: It’s free to use

👍 What makes it stand out from the rest: Genuine simplicity

👎 What makes it not so perfect: Focus on notes rather than to-dos

It’s a very simple app for working with tasks and checklists. It enables you to color-code items, set reminders for them, share them with others, archive them, add them to the calendar and back them up. You can make notes sticky to see them on your smartphone display and lock them with a master password. The search function lets you find the desired notes and the information from the Internet that contains target words from your notes. Even though we’re talking about notes, nothing prevents you from using this app to manage your todos.

On the flip side, ColorNote is hardly suitable for business needs and collaboration.

Final Thoughts

An Android to do list application will help you manage your daily and weekly schedule from your smartphone. Such solutions are available in multiple varieties: free or paid, with basic or rich functionality, focused primarily on todos or offering todos as a part of their features. LeaderTask probably deserves your attention the most thanks to its outstanding user-friendliness, reasonable pricing and extremely diverse functions. It’s equally suitable for organizing your private and professional affairs as well as working solo or within a group.

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