The program «Organizational structure»

In one app — all your employees and departments. One simple scheme — improbable advantage!

Purchase: $45,90

How it works

Note! This plugin will work only in the Premium version of the program.

The program is built in the interface of LeaderTask for Windows. The list of employees is loaded from LeaderTask, any excess actions!

What is Organizational structure

The organizational structure of the Company is the scheme showing all positions and posts in your company.

Regulate all structure of the Company by means of 1 simple scheme!

The simplest navigation!

Enter all data on the staff of your Company in one App.

You have forgotten who bears responsibility for some question? Receive the answer in 2 cliques!

It's easy to print!

Have you created Organizational structure? Print it and hang up on a foreground at office!

Beautifully, esthetically and informatively!

For whom it is useful

The program will be useful for HR department, project managers, heads of departments, the CEO — for those who manage people.

Available opportunities

  • Display of the scheme not only companies, but also separate projects
  • Purpose of positions in several clicks
  • Saving the current version of the Organizational structure in the PDF format
  • Organizational structure's printing

Is it possible to use the program separately from LeaderTask

You can work only inside LeaderTask.

What platforms are supported for working in this program

The program is intended only for the Windows.

Is it necessary to pay for new versions

No. Updates of Organizational structure are free!

Purchasing for several users

If you want your employees use the Organizational structure as well - just purchase the program for the necessary number of users.

Use the credit card or PayPal. Companies can pay via check-prepayment.

Programs from Market can`t be synchronized with other devices.
The data are kept on a single device.

Purchase: $45,90

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