How to assign tasks that employees couldn't forget about any important small-sized task

If you have employees with assigned by you tasks, then quite often there can be such situation: the employee performed the task, but forgot about some important trifle.
People are not robots. It's difficult to them to retain all tiny nuances in the head.
It is possible to overcome such forgetfulness in trifles!

Assign the task to the employee in LeaderTask

In title of the task specify an assignment essence

Break the task into the main steps

Try to formulate steps as it is possible more simply and more clear. It's the first step in fight against a forgetfulness

Write all details in the note of the task

List all important trifles: nuances of execution, possible problems, requirements to result and other

Attach documents, photos and any other files to the task

The more evident materials, the probability is less that the performer will forget about any trifle

If you want to add something to an assignment – write to the built-in chat

In each task the chat is built in. There a manager and the performer can talk to each other

Now the employee will not forget about any important trifle

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