How to create the effective team management system?

It is the responsibility of each manager to build a full system of team management. But how to do that? How to combine the entire team and data for all projects in one place?
Here is a perfect app for team work - LeaderTask.
team management

How does LeaderTask help manage the team?

What is needed in team management? There are some clear points that need to be met:
  1. Possibility to create a list of employees;
  2. Possibility to send assignments and control the dedlines;
  3. Possibility to communicate with all employees in built-in task chat rooms;
  4. Possibility to create to-do lists for each member of your team.
All these options you can implement in the simplest tool of team management - LeaderTask.
In addition, your team can use any of the 50 time management systems in LeaderTask. It is essential that the productivity of the team only grows.
Let's consider in more detail.

What is LeaderTask able to do?

Using the LeaderTask program, you can:
  1. Create to-do lists for each team member for the day, month, week and years ahead;
  2. Create common projects with access only to those who need it;
  3. Attach all files and documents to tasks;
  4. Write to the task performer in the built-in chat;
  5. Highlight the most important tasks using colors and tags;
  6. Send assignments with clearly marked deadlines, etc.
In addition, in LeaderTask, your team will be able to implement a project of any scale using the built-in Gantt chart app.
These and many other features of LeaderTask require attention and test. Try right now:
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