Task Management for Windows LeaderTask

Manage your tasks, goals, projects and teammates in LeaderTask Windows Task Management
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Interface language: English + 18 others

Distributive size: 30 Mb
Minimum system requirements: Windows XP, and higher
Run your business the way you need - nothing will be lost!
LeaderTask will help you effectively manage your team and your own tasks.
To-do listsTo plan whatever you need
SubtasksTo have a step by step plan for tasks
Tree structureTo make easier solutions of problems
Cloud storageTo sync your data to other devices
Reminders & NotificationsTo be always up to date
ProjectsTo structure tasks and goals
Files to tasksTo have all you need always with you
Daily plannerTo plan your schedule properly
Offline modeTo work with tasks offline
TagsTo identify the essentials
ColorsTo highlight tasks
AssignmentsTo delegate and control
CalendarTo have a broad view of your business
NotesTo have a full detailed plan
ContactsTo be in touch with people
FiltersTo separate the important from minor
Task searchTo find what you need
PrintingTo have to-do lists even offline
Multiple changing of tasksTo change properties of several tasks in one operation
SortingTo put your business in order (17 parameters of sorting)
ChatTo discuss details with your teammates
Common projectsTo collaborate with your team for greater success
Backup copiesTo keep your data for a certain period of time
Recurring tasksTo automate regular business

In this way LeaderTask will be your ideal app for task and assignment management for Windows.
Organize the work of your team and on your own in Windows Task Management
Take a look at LeaderTask for Windows
Easy introduction, user-friendly interface and the safety of the highest level — this is LeaderTask

Time management systems in LeaderTask

LeaderTask isn't just a program, it's also your guide to the world of time management.
Try the following time management systems in LeaderTask - you are going to like it:
GTD — Getting Things Done (David Allen)
Stephen Covey System
Brian Tracy System
Pomodoro Technique (Francesco Cirillo)
Alan Lakein System
Benjamin Franklin System
Bodo Schaefer System
John Von Eiken System
Julie Morgenstern System
Yana Frank System
Alexander Lyubischeff System
TimeDrive (Glyeb Arkhangyelsky)
Turbo Time Management (LeaderTask Company System)
Final Version, Autofocus, Superfocus, (Marc Forster)
Why LeaderTask?
  • We created the service which we use - and not only in work, but also in life!
  • Our goal is to help you manage your business effectively. Manage assignments, personal tasks, succeed projects and don't be late for meetings together with LeaderTask!
  • You can download the program for the task management and working with assignment for Windows right now, or you can waste your time in doubts:
Get LeaderTask on all your devices
Any platform you like
File size — 30 MB.
Installation won't take more than 2 minutes!
Just 5 minutes and you are an expert in the program and time management.
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