Tasks and tree-structure

Tasks in LeaderTask are all your business that you need to do. You can color tasks and set a date for their execution.

When you create a task, you fit its name and add different content, notes, checklists, and various files. Tasks in LeaderTask have a move command so that you can move the task to the project or change the order in the to-do list.

Tasks have a wide range of commands, such as setting statuses, adding comment files, or assigning them to employees. To work with such commands, you will need to right-click the task and select properties. You will see a window that is grated in the workspace and contains different commands for working with the task.

You can delete, change the name, make adjustments to it, and change the date. To quickly access the task, you can copy a link to it and send it to colleagues. The task also has plan settings where you set the time from start to finish.

You can create subtasks for tasks

With unlimited enclosure. Create the main task and divide it into smaller tasks. You can create more tasks in each subtask, all of which are created in the quantity you need.


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