Organize yourself with LeaderTask Premium

Find peace at work and in your life
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More features - higher results

LeaderTask Premium is not just a planner, but your main personal assistant in all spheres of your life, which, in addition, will increase your productivity!

With LeaderTask Premium you manage your time, not the other way

Premium allows you to organize your time the way you want it to be organized. After all when all your tasks are written down and they are all in one place, you can control them. All you have to do is to focus on the main thing — what you need to do right now.

Identify the essentials with LeaderTask Premium

Use the Pareto principle in your life — 20% of efforts give 80% of the result. Just focus on the main thing — what will give you the best result. Highlight it and immediately get to work. LeaderTask Premium will help you do this.
Super Productivity

Super Productivity

Get all the features of LeaderTask for Super Productivity! Reach your goals as quickly as possible!

Many features - Premium one


Tasks and projects

Create goals and tasks. For this purpose use trees. The target can be a top-level task. Within it, organize subtasks. By doing so, you break down the process into logical stages and go meaningful towards a given goal.

Daily log and calendar

Create time-repeated cyclic tasks. Regular reports at work, sports workouts, walks with kids, anything. In LeaderTask it's very convenient to do it.

Notes, markers, checklists, files

Use the Task Properties pane. You can assign random color and tags to tasks, and make the overall highlighting of tasks a color. Create and mark task execution points in the checklist.


Set up automatic reminders. Per day, per hour, per 10 minutes, any time before the start or end of the event. Put business reminders, birthdays, university lectures, anything.

Repeating tasks

Configure time-repeated cyclic tasks. Regular reports at work, sports workouts, walks with kids, anything. In LeaderTask it's very convenient to do.

Filtering and Searching

Use flexible filtering to group tasks by project, variant status, date, tag, color. Use text search. There is a search separately by projects and tags.

Tasks from email, voice input

You work on the someone else's pc? No problem. Send tasks to your LeaderTask directly from email. In the car or on the move you have no chance to write? It's not a problem too.

Print tasks, notes, schedules

No one cancelled the to-do lists on paper. Often it's really more convenient to read from a sheet, or a printout is needed to show it to another person. LeaderTask can help by this way. You can print to-do lists on the desired date. You can print the desired page of the daily.

Export and inport of projects, backups

LeaderTask is reliable. But it provides you with additional reliability to export projects and import them back into the program.

But there is more to come

Free updates of apps
Cloud and syncing to all devices
Offline mode
We are constantly working to improve and expand the functionality of LeaderTask. We have regular updates. Follow new releases on the website and in our social medias. You can make LeaderTask better!
All data you are syncing are kept in the protected cloud of Microsoft Azure - one of the most reliable data center. Thanks to cloud storage you have the same data on all your devices: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. However, you only pay for one app and get the service for all your devices for free!
Lost the Internet connection? No problem. Continue working. When you are connected again, the data you entered offline is syncing to the cloud and your other devices. Online or offline - LeaderTask always works!
Also for you. Secure data transfer (256-bit encryption, SSL protocol), high fault tolerance, ISO27001 security standard.



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