Task Planner for Mac - LeaderTask ver. 3.0

Hey there!
Good news for Mac users - absolutely new LeaderTask ver. 3.0 has been released.

Download LeaderTask for Mac

New LeaderTask Mac ver. 3.0 style=

This version does not replace the current published in the App Store. We do this on purpose so that the change-over to the new version goes smooth and doesn't cause you any inconvenience. Later, only this app will be available, and support for the old app will be stopped.
This is the first version of a brand new app, so don't judge it harshly. We worked hard :)

What's new in this app:

  • Modern design

Planner LeaderTask Mac style=

everything is in style, compact and pleases your eyes

  • Tree view of task lists

LeaderTask new Mac ver. 3.0 style=

now working with task trees on Mac is a pleasure

  • Easy navigation

quickly switch between tasks, divisions, add tasks, teammates, colors, tags and projects in few clicks

  • Smoothness and speed

we accelerated the work of the task lists, and even made adding, moving and other manipulation tasks smoother

  • Push notifications on new assignment, project, access

now you are always informed on what is going on in your team

  • Recurring tasks

simply and easily complete regular and recurring tasks

Plan on your Mac with pleasure!

Sincerely, LeaderTask Team

Download LeaderTask for Mac


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