Global release - from interface to new rate system

The last month of the summer is coming. The holiday season is in the height but LeaderTask team is preparing to the autumn come back, hard work and releases new awesome update. Let's find out how the new version is going to make working with app more comfortable and effective.

LeaderTask for Windows (ver. 15.0):

  • Productivity. It's a rate of your team's efficiency that will help raise the competitive spirit in performing main tasks. It works very easy - you get +1 positive point when you complete assigned tasks to you in time and и You get +1 negative point when you complete assigned tasks to you not in time, that means overdue the term set by the task owner. According to this data your Productivity rank is counted. This feature is available only in Business mode.

Productivity LeaderTask

  • Smart notifications. They will help you stay up to date, rearrange communications in your team and inform you of your daily results.

  • New design of notifications:

Compact mode notifications LeaderTask

Compact mode

Standard mode notifications LeaderTask

Standard mode

  • Recurring task“button”. It is now separated from the term and makes easier to set a task recurring right when creating it.

Repeating tasks LeaderTask

  • Drag&drop of checklist. This feature is awaited by many users. Now all items of a checklist can be moved up and down. Sort them according to their importance or execution order.

  • Colors to projects. After update you will be able to divide projects according to their color. It is very useful when you have lots of projects and you want to highlight some of them. Set red color to the most important projects, green - to personal and grey - to accomplished. All what is necessary right now is in your sight.

Colors to projects LeaderTask

  • Colorless tags. We added a new type of tags. They are not shown in a list of tasks but you can see them in properties of the task. A handy tool for search and filtration. To create such tag just set transparent color in its properties. 

Colorless tags in LT

  • Deleting of messages in chats. Now the built-in chat is more comfortable to use - like in messengers. Useless or incorrect messages can be deleted. But the administrator can still take a look at the deleted messages.

Deleting messages in chats in LT

  • Changing of nickname. After your teammate changed their name in LeaderTask it is going to be changed to all teammates. 

  • New task properties:

Task properties in LeaderTask

LeaderTask for iOS (ver. 15.9.7):

  • Creating of tasks with your voice. Especially useful for those who try to save every minute. You can create a list of task right in motion. Go to LeaderTask hold the "+" button in the list and then just start dictating tasks.

    Tasks out of voice in LT

  • Dark theme. This popular innovation of the 2020 is now in LeaderTask. Dark theme saves your battery and eyes В. To switch to the dark theme got to your smartphone settings.

    Dark theme Navigator in LeaderTask  Dark theme to-do list in LeaderTask  

  • New design of assignment`s lists view. Now in the list of assignments there are no photos of your teammates but their full names. This way we solved the problem - who performs tasks when there are no profile pictures. 

List of assignments in LT

By analogy with the Windows version the iOS version gets:

  • Smart notifications;

  • Productivity; 

  • colorless tags; 

  • colors to projects; 

  • deleting of messages in chats; 

  • drag&drop of checklists; 

  • changing of nicknames;

  • access to a project and a task notifications.

LeaderTask for Android (15.0):

As for the version for Android we put emphasis on fixing bugs, improving of its stability and  accelerating of the synchronization. But we have something to make your day :)

By analogy with the Windows version the Android version gets:

  • Colors to projects;

  • deleting of messages in chats;

  • changing of nicknames;

  • access to a project and a task notifications 

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That`s all for this update. Follow our news :)

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