Todo list program and true helper LeaderTask

Today we are talking about a real business assistant — about todo list program LeaderTask. This app was created to make your life easier — both work and home.


Todo list software - what is it?

Todo list software — what is it?

The nice one todo list software is hard to find. There should be a whole list of important features:
  • create to-do lists for the day, week, and months in advance;
  • the ability to transfer the case in 1 click;
  • display the most busy and free days on the calendar;
  • giving access to tasks when it comes to business assistant, etc.
Another very important factor is the synchronization of your mobile device with the desktop version of the program. Well, how else? Indeed, at work and in hands should be a single todo list.
LeaderTask is implemented on all the most important platforms.

LeaderTask is an iPhone app for todo list

One of them is iOS. When developing the iPhone app for todo list, we took into account the intuitive interface so familiar to all apple-users — therefore, working with the app doesn't seem to be particularly difficult.
On your iPhone you can:
  • add new tasks on any day of the calendar;
  • get access to tasks and subtasks;
  • receive notifications of upcoming affairs;
  • work with a todo list and assignments even from an airplane with offline mode and much more.
An almost similar set of features you can find on Android smartphones.

Android app for todo list

We made virtually identical app for iPhone and Android app for todo list. Using your smartphone and LeaderTask you can:
  • read task notes;
  • chat in the built-in chat with task performers;
  • colorize and add tags to tasks;
  • create subtasks and turn them into assignments.
This is just a small list of all the features of the LeaderTask’s app. Try it in action here:


Todo checklist is another nice feature of LeaderTask

Todo checklist is another nice feature of LeaderTask

In addition to subtasks, you can break tasks into steps using the checklist option. It is useful in cases:
  1. When you need to make a shopping list in the store.
  2. When it is necessary to indicate a list of actions in which the task will be completed.
  3. When there is a repeating task consisting of several stages of verification (for example, daily reports on the status of the account).
Use the checklist in LeaderTask, on any of the platforms. But don't forget about another nice distinguishing fact: LeaderTask is the best daily todo list, and that’s why.
How to work with a task list?

Why LeaderTask is the best daily todo list app?

It’s difficult to become the best daily todo list, we have taken this path for over 10 years. We worked it out to the smallest detail:
  1. The ability to display your tasks in the diary to navigate the daily schedule.
  2. The ability to highlight the important and secondary using colors and labels.
  3. The ability to assign tasks to projects to facilitate work with chores.
  4. The ability to focus on the most important using the function of the same name and much more.
And this is still not a complete list of features of LeaderTask. The program included all aspects of competent work with a to-do list, we will consider them in more detail.

How to work with a task list?

There are several important rules for working with a task list to achieve the maximum result. Let's look at them, and then see how this can be implemented in LeaderTask.
Rule 1. Allocate 60 minutes to the task. If it requires more time to implement, then break the task into subtasks. They are also for subtasks, and so on, until the duration of one step exceeds 60 minutes.
Rule 2. Lay in the head an additional 15 minutes for each of the tasks. Somewhere you will save them, somewhere they will be required. So, you will always have balance in your task list.
Rule 3. Use one of the many time management techniques. For example, Pomodoro is an interesting and cool technique. Which will allow you to achieve more in less time.
These 3 simplest rules will help you adjust your working time, leading it to a single system of work. And, of course, they are all doable in LeaderTask.

LeaderTask — ideal tasks list app

Your tasks list will remain untouched if you do not take it seriously. And LeaderTask will help with this.
Each of these rules is feasible in LeaderTask using the built-in daily planner. Display the duration of each task and subtask, literally in 1 click transfer the execution date to another day, etc.
It’s also easy to assign a task from your tasks list to an employee or assistant. The ideal electronic assistant is always at your fingertips on any platform:
  1. Windows
  2. iOS
  3. Android
  4. Mac OS X
  5. Android Wear
  6. Apple Watch
By the way, about delegating tasks — we have provided all the necessary features for employees to complete tasks on time and with maximum efficiency.

Delegating tasks in LeaderTask

Your employees are a team. A team that solves many issues. Therefore, transparency of delegating tasks plays a big role in achieving goals.
When developing this feature in LeaderTask, we integrated everything possible:
  1. Monitoring compliance with the deadline of the task.
  2. Correspondence with the performer in the built-in chat.
  3. The ability to attach an unlimited number of files.
  4. An opportunity to specify all additional parameters in a note.
  5. Notifications of new changes in the task or a new assignment.
And much more. It seems to me that such a huge list of features is worthy of your test? Download the app from the link below right now:
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