Time planning online — 50% of your success

The key to success in work is competent planning. In the 21st century, you should not assign this task to a paper daily, because everything is changing very quickly. You should have got an excellent time planning online tool.

And there is such an app — LeaderTask. Let's talk about in more detail, and for now try it absolutely free:

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Time planning online

Daily planner: website is a start point

Right now you are on the daily planner website, where your movement to the world of success and competent planning begins. And these are synonyms, as already mentioned above.
LeaderTask — a tool that allows you to competently build all your working time and achieve more in less time. So, for example, using LeaderTask you can:
  1. Create to-do lists for the day, week, month and years ahead;
  2. Manage your business with built-in tools;
  3. Send assignments to your employees and control progress and execution;
  4. Integrate tasks into projects and give them access to the right circle of people;
  5. Combine all task information in one place, etc.
All this is LeaderTask. In addition to the listed features, in this app you can find a lot of useful options that will facilitate your working time.
Why online? Because the LeaderTask has implemented dozens of online time management techniques that will allow you to competently build your work with tasks.
Planning online

Make planning online on LeaderTask

Make planning online and succeed in any business with LeaderTask. Let's see how this can be done by defining a strategy by steps:
  • Step 1. Create tasks for today.
  • Step 2. Break tasks into subtasks, add check lists, files. In general, provide itself with all aspects of the successful execution of cases.
  • Step 3. Break subtasks into subtasks. And so until the duration of the execution of the lower level of subtasks is 1 hour.
  • Step 4. Send assignments to your employees. Tasks you do not have time to complete.
  • Step 5. Distribute all tasks over time using the built-in daily.
  • Step 6. Get started!
And if it turns out that you will be out of the Internet, then offline mode will help. Create tasks, send assignments, all your actions will be sent to the server immediately after connecting the device to the Internet.
By the way, about devices. To facilitate making planning online, we have implemented the program on the following platforms:
  • Windows.
  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Mac OS X.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Android Wear.
Try the time planning online tool LeaderTask in action right now by downloading it via the link below.
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