The right time management: art of business building

We always say that time management is the key to the success of every business and entrepreneur. Here is the whole daily routine, its structure and result. Therefore, we created LeaderTask — a program for time management. Try free of charge:

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Let's see what the real master of time should include and what abilities LeaderTask has.

The right time management

Team tasks with common access

First, let's define, that the success of any business lies in team tasks. You have a team of professionals who promote the product, ensure its sale.
Therefore, you need a tool that will allow you to structure all team tasks and give access to them to any employee. You are welcome LeaderTask:
  1. Create common projects.
  2. Ability to communicate within common tasks with all performers.
  3. Attach documents and all necessary files to the task.
  4. Control of deadlines.
All this is possible in LeaderTask. Wide functionality for competent time management.
Simple track tasks system

Simple track tasks system

A simple and understandable track tasks is another very important aspect of successful time management. So, you need to monitor the progress of the task and the main thing is to see the result.
From the list above, it is clear that we have introduced into the LeaderTask all the permissible control elements, including the setting of deadlines, and the ability to reassign the task, and the breaking of tasks into small steps using checklists and subtasks.
All these features are indispensable assistants in track all your team's tasks. All this forms a full-fledged mechanism working for the benefit of the company.

LeaderTask — task management system

In general, it is worth saying that LeaderTask is not only a very high-quality time manager, but also a full-fledged task management system.
What it includes:
  • combining tasks into projects;
  • breakdown of tasks into subtasks;
  • highlighting important by colors and tags;
  • coloring projects in colors for easy navigation and more.
All these actions are possible in task management system LeaderTask. Try it in action now:
Task management system

Task management tools in LeaderTask

In addition to the features already described, LeaderTask also boasts the ability to provide a full task management using built-in tools.
We are great supporters of competent time management, so we have introduced a lot of useful tools into the program:
  • Pomodoro timer for work on Pomodoro technique;
  • Gantt chart for working with projects;
  • Eisenhower matrix as a perfect task management tool, etc.
All of these tools are available right inside the program. Moreover, some of them are in the form of separate apps, and some with the help of extended program functionality.
This is not all the solutions that we have implemented for your work with task management. Let's talk about a little more.
Pomodoro timer

LeaderTask and fresh task management solutions

Time management is the art of doing business, and task management is an integral part of it. Actually, therefore, we paid a lot of attention to fresh solutions in task management.
Business needs the following aspects of task management:
  • Display of all current project tasks;
  • Fast navigation of employees on their task lists in the calendar;
  • Communication of employees within tasks;
  • All agreements must be fixed and agreed upon;
  • Control over the work with clients.
All these task management solutions are also implemented in LeaderTask. Let's look straight at the points:
  • You can open the project and view all tasks with their performers, current statuses and exact dates of execution;
  • Switching between dates in the calendar occurs literally in 2 clicks — as well as dragging tasks from one day to another;
  • Chat rooms built into tasks allow you to communicate with each other to all employees who have access to the task;
  • In all tasks there is a field for notes, where you can record agreements after meetings or set any conditions for performing tasks;
  • Create separate projects for each client with a specific pool of tasks. Monitor managers through this tool.
This is only a small part of those fresh task management solutions that we implemented in the program. Let's look at the range of work with task lists.
Appointment scheduler

Task list and LeaderTask: boundless opportunities

We have already said a lot about working with tasks inside the LeaderTask. So, we made the work with task list very flexible and customizable.
What opportunities LeaderTask offers for 100% performance:
  • Reminders of upcoming tasks with flexible time setting;
  • The ability to decorate tasks in different colors and set tags;
  • Focusing on the most important tasks using the feature of the same name;
  • A diverse menu of statuses: from "in progress" to "cancelled";
  • The ability to drag a task to another day, thereby changing its deadline, etc.
Fast and intuitive navigation of the task list is the key to a successful day. But this is far from all that a decent time management program should have.

Cross-platform task management app

An extremely important argument in favor of LeaderTask is the fact that it is implemented on several platforms at once:
  • Windows;
  • Mac OS X;
  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Android Wear;
  • Apple Watch.
So you'll have a single task list on all your devices. You will be able to work with it even from an airplane where is no connection using the built-in offline mode.
Download task management app LeaderTask to any of your devices by clicking on the link below:

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Tasks progress

Task progress monitoring

Another important aspect of the competent construction of time management is task progress monitoring. Moreover, this applies not only to assignments, but also to your own tasks.
So, you should always have before your eyes an up-to-date task list with all the statuses, a step-by-step work plan.
All these capabilities are implemented in the LeaderTask with the help of advanced task management functionality. Above in the screenshot you can only see the menu with the suggested options.
You don't have to talk about the internal settings of tasks.

The best task management software

LeaderTask — one of the best task management software, then you can get literally in 1 click on the button below.
We have implemented most of all the necessary features in the program, we always listen to our users in the matter of updating apps for even greater convenience.
We suggest you test the program right now by downloading it to one of your devices. Click the link below:

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