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What should productivity planner apps be able to do?

Nice productivity planner apps have plenty of possibilities in their arsenal so that you can increase your efficiency in your work.
For example, a good app should:
  1. allow you to create to-do lists with unlimited nesting of subtasks;
  2. plan your working days using the built-in daily;
  3. send assignments to your employees and ensure complete control over the execution of these instructions;
  4. work with the to-do list according to several time management techniques and much more.
All this you can find in LeaderTask. And even more than that. We have made a very flexible and useful system of managing your affairs so that you can achieve more in a short time.
The work plane includes several critical components:
  1. daily with hourly planning of your working day;
  2. task lists for each day of the week with the ability to plan at least a year ahead;
  3. fast navigation system on your working days to plan new tasks literally in 2 clicks;
  4. a system of tags/colors and projects to simplify work with to-do list, etc.
Of course, a special thing in this list of features of the productivity planner app LeaderTask is to work with the calendar. More details about — below.
Calendar productivity app

Calendar productivity app

Your productivity is good planning. Based on this, we can bravely call LeaderTask a full-fledged calendar productivity app.
You can use the calendar to:
  1. view a list of tasks for any coming and past day of the year;
  2. display the busiest and freest days;
  3. in 1 click display all tasks for the week, month ahead;
  4. print the to-do list for any day if you have to work offline and much more.
In addition, even in case of business trips, we provided offline mode. You can work with task and assignment lists for your employees outside the access area. As soon as the Internet appears, all changes will be sent to the server and reach their destinations.
The calendar productivity app LeaderTask is an incredibly powerful representative of its class. After all, you can plan your days using one of the built-in time management systems, thereby achieving great results in 1 working day.
Also, to help you the opportunity to combine tasks into projects. So, using the project interface, you can plan several years in advance and monitor project work using built-in tools.
For example, communicate with project performers in built-in chats. So, you will always "keep your hand on the pulse" and control the progress of the project of any complexity, even the largest.
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